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Disc Stack Separators for Hire

Centri-Force has a number of complete production scale systems available ex-stock.

Centri-Force has been routinely fabricating complete skid mounted centrifuge packages for customers around the world. We now have a number of such systems which are available to rent / hire.

These are generally small to medium sized production scale disc stack separators that are ideal for pilot production runs ahead of a decision to scale up to full production scale. So, where there is any degree of uncertainty whether this technology is the right one the process in question, this can be proven without committing capital expenditure. Since these are production centrifuges it’s also quite easy to calculate the correct size of plant for a particular process based on actual results and manufacturers data sheets.

The separator package pictured above is for a unit set up as a separator / purifier i.e. a three phase separation. The unit below is configured as a clarifier, which is a two phase separation, a solids phase and a liquid phase.

Both of these skid mounted packages are complete and are positioned on a hard standing using a fork lift truck. All that is required is hook up to the required services and make the product available. Typically the centrifuge is installed, commissioned and in production on the same day. Training provided in the operation of the centrifuge and can it then be handed over to the customer.

Rental periods can be a short as a few days or weeks / months depending on the need. All rental units are backed up by our field service team, electrical and mechanical engineers and our process experts.

We have a number of these skid mounted disc stack separators available and we can usually satisfy the customer need. Of course it may be that the units are already on site but generally speaking we able to meet the demand.

These units are ideal for test work on site and for pilot scale testing of processes that work in the lab but need to be proven. We have worked with a number of companies in developing their processes and this is usually ahead of serious capital expenditure. We can generally advise on the suitability of industrial centrifuges for particular processes and given our experience in a broad range of processes we may well be able to offer ideas for further process improvements.

We are keen to help and we will be pleased to discuss any issues you may have: