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Rotofilt Pusher Centrifuges now available from Centri-Force

Centri-Force is pleased to announce that it has been appointed by Rotofilt a distributor of its Pusher Centrifuge technology at the recent ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt.

Rotofilt has been manufacturing its advanced Pusher Centrifuge since 2002 and is now firmly established as a high-quality technology provider with an extensive installed machine base worldwide. The combination of Rotofilt’s award winning technology and Centri-Force sales and technical support make for a winning team. The Pusher Centrifuge will be added seamlessly to an already impressive new machine offering.
Centri-Force has a full service and repair capability from its workshops in Glasgow. This will be deployed to fully support the Rotofilt Pusher Centrifuge range of machines.

Great interest at the ACHEMA Trade Show

Rotofilt exhibited the Pusher Centrifuge at the recent ACHEMA trade show in Frankfurt where there was considerable interest. Also featured were scale models of the Pusher Centrifuge produced entirely using 3D printing technology. The models were exactly to scale with every feature reproduced from full size Solids Works drawings.

Also featured was a 3D printed model of Rotofilt’s Advanced Vertical Pressure Filter (AVPF) which caused quite a stir at the exhibition. More of this to follow…

3D Printer in Operation

3D Printer Created Models

For more information about the complete range of Pusher Centrifuges click here.

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