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Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers

Centri-Force is the UK distributor of Sacome Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers.

Where it is impractical due to their design to use plate heat exchangers or due to the large investment cost for Scraped Surface heat exchangers, Centri-Force believe that Sacome corrugated Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers are the best option. We have for over twenty years been working with Sacome to supply their Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Systems to the markets ikn the UK and Ireland.

The corrugation in the tube induces turbulence in the product which increases the heat transfer coefficient and is therefore more efficient than standard smooth tube heat exchangers. The corrugated tube shell and tube heat exchangers can work at high temperatures and pressures and are designed to ASME VIII and AD-Merkblatter codes.

Centri-Force can supply the full range of products from Sacome and has considerable application expertise to ensure that projects deliverables are realised.

Sacome was established in 1978 and is located in Cartagena in Spain.  Its main activities are the design, manufacture and sale of Heat Exchangers.

Sacome designs its corrugated shell and tube heat exchangers using the most modern heat transfer software in the market so as to offer our customers the maximum efficiency and quality guarantees that they demand.

Sacome’s range of shell and tube heat exchangers has been specifically tailored for the chemical, food, pharmaceutical and shipping industries. Shell and tube heat exchangers are recommended for the processing of low, medium and high viscosity particulate products, where the use of other types of heat exchangers, such as plate heat exchangers, is not suitable. Other critical factors include pressure and temperature limitations, particle size, running time on CIP and so on.

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