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HAUS Advanced Screw Presses

A new range of HAUS Advanced Screw Press now released


Screw Presses are low energy, low noise machines for dewatering municipal and industrial waste water.



The HAUS SDE Screw Presses were developed for processing municipal and industrial wastewater sludge. The combination of the moving discs and a perforated drum provide optimal dewatering efficiency and satisfactory centrate quality. The SDE screw presses can be adjusted for maximum performance by adjustable the back pressure from the pressure plate and varying the scroll speed.

In most cases the addition of polymer is required to flocculate the solid particles which will then agglomerate allowing the free water to be released. Polymer is added immediately before the sludge mixer through a series of nozzles in a tangential injector ring. The turbulence created during mixing greatly improves the flocking reaction and this aids the separation of the water from the flocked particles. Flocculation occurs at the base of the drum which is stationary with a slow rotating scroll turning at around 2 rpm. The free water run through the perforated drum as it travels up the incline. The weight of the solids has a compressing effect forcing more water through the perforations in the wedge wire. As the solids move toward the top of the drum they are compressed in the pressure cone. The pressure can be varied under program control to achieve maximum dryness. 

Typical System Configuration

For most installations the typical system will comprise the HAUS Screw Press, its control panel and the polymer make up and delivery system, as illustrated below.


The HAUS Screw Press is another important innovation from HAUS that will complement the highly successful decanter centrifuges already setting new standards in design and efficiency.

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